6 Christmas Songs That Move Us To Tears

One of the greatest things about Christmas time is the beautiful songs that play this time of year. Some make us laugh or give us nostalgic feelings but some bring out our sentimental side. And these six Christmas songs never fail to put a tear in our eye!

#6 Christmas In Heaven

Scotty McCreery knows how hard Christmas can be when your loved ones are no longer on Earth. But he is helping us all find comfort this Christmas season with his beautiful song ‘Christmas In Heaven.’ What a blessing to know that our family is looking down on us from above. Who else will find comfort in the Lord while missing loved ones this Christmas?

#5 What Does God Want For Christmas

Darius Rucker's newest song ‘What Does God Want For Christmas' is a beautiful reminder of what the Christmas season is all about. And it just may be your favorite Christmas song this year. WOW.

#4 Christmas Shoes

The Christmas song ‘Christmas Shoes’ contains a heartbreaking story about a boy willing to do anything for his ailing mother on one Christmas Eve. This bitter sweet song has always been a favorite of mine and this video is truly beautiful. By the end there will be tears in your eyes. This is incredibly touching

#3 Those Silent Nights

Jacob and Aileeah Colgan wrote this truly beautiful new Christmas song ‘Those Silent Nights’. This beautiful song is for everyone who is missing a loved one during this Christmas season. And it’ll hit a chord in your heart!

#2 Where Is The Line To See Jesus

Every year at Christmas children line up to see Santa, but where is the line to see Jesus? That’s exactly what inspired this incredible music video by Becky Kelley called ‘Where Is The Line To See Jesus’. Jesus is the reason for the season, so this years let’s help remind our children of the baby who came to save us.

#1 All Is Well

Christian musician Michael W. Smith just paired up with country music super star Carrie Underwood to sing a new Christian Christmas song ‘All Is Well'. And not only are their voices touching, the lyric truly speak to the soul! Who else thinks this is going to be a new Christmas classic? This is beautiful!

Credit: Youtube.com

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