Don’t Miss These 4 Amazing WestJet Christmas Surprises

Don't Miss These 4 Amazing WestJet Christmas Surprises

Every year there are companies that go above and beyond to put a smile on people’s faces at Christmas time. Airline WestJet is one of those companies. Every year they make sure that they make someone’s Christmas a little brighter. And these 4 Christmas surprises are our all-time favorites.

#4 Surprise After Devastation

Most of the residents of Fort McMurray lost everything in devastating wildfires earlier in 2016. These families are now faced with spending Christmas in a strange place struggling to stay positive. Thankfully, the folks at WestJet decided to spread some Christmas love to these families and help them create new memories. Seeing their faces as joy literally fell from the sky is incredible. What a touching moment!

#3 Christmas Wishes Come True

WestJet figured that the stress of traveling for Christmas could use a little Christmas magic. So they asked passengers what they wished for and while they were in the air WestJet pulled off the ultimate Christmas surprise. It was a Christmas miracle you just have to see! The joy they spread that day will bring a tear to your eye.

#2 Christmas Means So Much More

Christmas miracles do come true! And this time, the airline WestJet is making sure the less fortunate in the Dominican Republic see that first-hand. Seeing the joy take over their faces will make your heart so full!

#1 Kids Help Make Christmas Extra Special

This Christmas season, WestJet wanted to pull off the ultimate gift and they enlisted the help of children to get some ideas.

Just wait until you hear some of the amazing things that these kids come up with such as Christmas caroling, advent calendars and an airport full of puppies. All of these gracious acts came together this holiday season to give travelers a much needed moment of happiness. Traveling during Christmas can truly be a tough battle and this little moments of kindness and giving put a smile on everyone’s face.

WestJet is known worldwide for their giving nature and viral acts of kindness. We’ve seen this airline helps countless people in their time of need and bring smiles to thousands of faces. I just love watching how WestJet goes above and beyond to take care of their passengers and they continue to strive to bring cheer. They’ve definitely brought a lot of happiness this Christmas and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Credit: WestJet

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