4-Year-Old Sings Special Song For Little Sister Who Passed Away

4-Year-Old Sings Special Song From Disney's Coco For Dead Little Sister

Every now and again children do something so powerful that you just have to sit back and take notice. Well that is exactly what is happening with 4-year-old Alexander.

Alexander and his family faced a serious tragedy about 8 months ago when Alexander's little sister Ava passed away. When Samir and his wife Stephanie Deais welcomed their daughter Ava they found out she had a kidney condition, hydronephrosis. Little Ava was a fighter, but sadly she passed away when she was 4 months old. Her big brother Alexander was obviously heartbroken, and he had a hard time truly understanding what the loss meant.

4-Year-Old Sings Special Song From Disney's Coco For Dead Little Sister

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That was until the family went to see Disney's most recent hit movie ‘Coco'. The movie discusses the Mexican tradition of Dia de Los Muertos and truly helped Alexander understand that just because our loved ones have died it doesn't mean they no longer with us. We always hold those we have lost in our hearts!

There was one part of the movie in particular that captivated the whole family, a song called ‘Remember Me'. The words of the song stuck with Alexander. So when the day came that marked Ava's first birthday, Alexander decided to celebrate her life in a special way. There is a spot in the house where the family keeps special photos and items that were meaningful to the family during Ava's short life. Alexander picked up a toy guitar and headed to that special corner of the house and he started to sing. He started singing ‘Remember Me' for his baby sister.

4-Year-Old Sings Special Song From Disney's Coco For Dead Little Sister

credit: rumble.com

Just listen to these touching lyrics:

“Remember me,

Though I have to say goodbye,

Remember me,

Don’t let it make you cry,

For even if I’m far away I hold you in my heart,

I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart, Remember me,

Though I have to travel far,

Remember me,

Each time you hear a sad guitar,

Know that I’m with you the only way that I can be,

Until you’re in my arms again,

Remember me”

The message of this song is so perfect for the heart of a grieving little boy. And seeing him sing for his little sister is truly powerful. There is no wonder this touching video quickly went viral. The Deais family now has a new update to their story, God has sent them a rainbow baby, a little girl. Our prayers are with this incredible family as they continue their journey and prepare to welcome their newest little one. Alexander looks adorably excited to be a big brother again! Congratulations!

Watch this boy sing a song from Disney’s Coco as a tribute to his little sister.

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