Foster Care Separated 5 Young Siblings Until 1 Family Answered God’s Call To Adopt Them All

5 siblings

In this heartwarming story, 5 siblings have been adopted together by a family in Texas after living in separate foster homes.

Andi and Thomas Bonura are the proud adoptive parents of Thomas, 8, Carter, 8, David, 6, Gabrielle, 4, and Bryson, 2. Along with their adopted children, Andi and Thomas have three biological children, Joey, 11, Sadie, 10, and Daphne, 8. Making the Bonuras a big, happy family of 10!

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"God's hand was in it, our family is complete," Andi says. The family was made official over a Zoom call since they couldn't meet with the agency because of coronavirus. And after the 5 siblings joined the Bonura family, neighbors and friends organized a car parade to welcome the kids home.

“The kids have been through a lot but they’re the sweetest," shares Andi. "They’re amazing. And resilient.”

5 Siblings Adopted By One Family

Andi and Thomas have always wanted to adopt. And in 2017, the couple became licensed foster parents. That year, baby Bryson came straight into their care right after he was born. Then David and Gabrielle followed. Before long, the older twin brothers, Thomas and Carter, started to visit their siblings at the Bonura home.

“They were sweet and would say, ‘Can we come live with you?'” Andi says of her twin sons.

Then the family got a phone call that would change their lives. “One day we got a call saying, ‘[The parents] are terminating rights. Do you want them?'” Andi explains. “We said yes.”

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Now, these 5 siblings are happily living together and are part of the Bonura family. May God continue to bless them as they grow in love together.

WATCH: Siblings Separated In Foster Care Are Adopted Together

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