Andrea Bocelli ‘Amazing Grace’ Takes On An Eerily Beautiful Quality As He Sings In An Empty Plaza

Andrea Bocelli Amazing Grace empty plaza in Milan Easter 2020

Though any song by this world-renowned tenor is a treat, this Andrea Bocelli Amazing Grace performance from an empty plaza in Milan is especially powerful.

The show took place on Easter Sunday, while the coronavirus held most of the world in lockdown. And during his Music For Hope concert, Andrea Bocelli delivered a moving performance of Amazing Grace.

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As cameras mix in shots of other silent cities from across the globe, the video takes on a hauntingly beautiful quality.

The Story Behind Amazing Grace

This classic hymn was originally written by John Newton. John wrote the hymn as a way of giving thanks to the Lord after He granted him new life.

As a sailor, John was known for his crude language and actions. But one day, John found himself caught in the middle of a terrible storm. After spending hours at the helm of the ship, John's thoughts began to turn to God.

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After surviving the weather, John started his life as a Christian and dedicated himself to serving our Father.

"Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now am found

T’was blind but now I see

T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear

And Grace, my fears relieved

How precious did that grace appear

The hour I first believed"

Stunning Easter 2020 Performance

As many people were sheltered at home on Easter 2020 due to the coronavirus, Andrea Bocelli put on a stunning performance at the empty Piazza Duomo in Milan.

The event drew over 26 million views online. And it became a trending video across social media as it brought so many people together to worship God.

"That feeling of being at the same time alone – as we all are in the presence of the Most High – yet of expressing the voice of the prayer of millions of voices, has deeply impressed and moved me," Andrea Bocelli told FOX News of his Amazing Grace performance.

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There is nothing greater than praising our Lord and this powerful rendition of Amazing Grace was exactly what we all needed to hear right now.

WATCH: Andrea Bocelli Amazing Grace Live From The Duomo Cathedral, Milan

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