Here Is Proof That Man Is Not Perfect

Genesis 1:1

When left to our devices, humans will make mistakes. Make errors. Ruin things. Cause destruction – intentionally or not. Either way, we as humans can only make a mess of things WHEN separated from God.

On the other hand, God is perfect. In His timing, His love, His creation. God has created countless beautiful things of which we stand in awe of. Babies. Animals. Weather. Nature. Earth. Ladybugs.Now, take a moment and watch the video below. Yup, these mistakes are hilarious and only reminds us to laugh at our mistakes. And that’s a good thing. BUT, think about it more deeply. WHY would we ever place our entire faith, belief or trust in anything or anyone other than GOD? Take a look and decide for yourself. It’s pretty funny.

Thank you, God, for loving us when we’re not lovable and for forgiving us when we’re unforgivable. We are not perfect and we acknowledge that before you, O God. AMEN.

HT Dumpest

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images