10-Year-Old Delivers Funny Best Man Speech At Dad’s Wedding

godupdates 10-year-old gives funny speech

One of my favorite part of weddings is the toast at the reception. It is so fun to hear all of the things close friends and family have to say about the bride and groom. Sometimes the speeches can be so comical or so heartfelt. This 10-year-old gives a funny speech for his dad's wedding toast and all of the guests loved it!

With his paper in his hand, the time has come for this little, best man to say his speech. He starts off talking about how close him and his dad were. He talks about how he watched his dad grow into a man. It was so hilarious to hear such a joke from a young kid!

He shares with everyone that he and his dad are so messy together. It is so cute how he mentions that if it were not for his dad's new bride, the two of them would never have any clean underwear or socks.

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He jokes that he and his dad make decisions together and that the new bride was their "chosen one". Everyone got a kick out of it! Laughter filled the room!

Then he gets sentimental and shares how his dad's bride makes his dad so happy and how he looks forward to watching them grow old together. In his closing sentiments, he congratulates the bride and groom, and everyone gives him a round of applause!

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Credit: Youtube/Kevin Rabatin

Source: Youtube/ Kevin Rabatin

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