87-Year-Old Too Ill to Attend Grandson’s Wedding Finds Way to See Ceremony

godupdates grandma skypes grandsons wedding

It was a celebratory day for 87-year-old, Irene Humble. She looks so lovely dressed in her pink outfit ready to go down the stairs of her Care home to attend the wedding of the year — the wedding she nearly missed!

Grandma Was Too Sick To Fly

A wedding in a Care home? Yes! You see, it is Irene's first grandson's wedding day. Irene was scheduled to fly to be there to watch her grandson get married in a beautiful castle in New York. But her doctors said the grandma was too sick to travel safely.

She was completely disappointed! How could a grandma miss her oldest grandson's wedding? She was looking forward to this event for months!

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Knowing how important the wedding is to Irene, the staff at the care home came up with a great idea and it lightened her mood. They figured out a way to help Irene feel as though she was a part of the wedding. They set up a laptop for her to watch the wedding live on skype.

"Mrs. Humble was devastated that she could not be there on the day due to her health, and so we decided we must do all we could to make the day as special for her as possible", Joy Puckering, the manager at the Care home said to Hull Daily Mail.

godupdates grandma was too sick to fly skypes grandsons wedding

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She was able to see everything as if she was actually there. From her daughter being escorted in, to her great-grandchildren walking down the aisle as ring bearers. The staff at the Care home also dressed up and joined her. To top it off, the Chef at her care home baked her a wedding cake and presented to her during the toast at the wedding.

"I can't thank the staff enough for making such a special time for me", Irene said.

WATCH: Grandma Skype for Grandson’s Wedding

Credit: Hull Daily Mail

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