Good Samaritans Save 87-Year-Old Granny From Sinking Vehicle

87-Year-Old Granny trapped in a sinking car

Accidents can change everything in an instant. Suddenly, you can find yourself in a very dangerous situation. And that’s exactly what happened to Mary Watkins, an 87-year-old granny trapped in a sinking car!

87-year-old Mary Watkins, her son Larry, and their pet Chihuahua parked near a marina in Long Beach, California. All of a sudden, the truck lurched forward and crashed right through the guardrail.

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The vehicle fell right into the water below where it quickly started filling with water. That’s when Mike Del Grande, jumped into action. The towboat operator and former lifeguard dove right into the water to help save the victims.

With the help of some other Good Samaritans, Mike was able to pull everyone to safety. Even the dog!

Jeff Jones, who couldn't believe what was happening right before his eyes, caught all the dramatic footage on camera.

Thankfully, everyone is okay and the hard work of all those who jumped into the water is being commended. Mary Watkins was in good spirits as she spoke about the incident.

"The two guys came in the back window and they got in and shoved me up from the behind side."

All joking aside, this woman is very thankful to the kind strangers that day and wanted them to know.

“I say thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Mary said.

The situation could have easily ended differently. But Good Samaritans’ quick thinking saw everyone safely rescued. There is no doubt in my mind that God put these men in the right place at the right time! Don't you agree?

WATCH: Granny Trapped In A Sinking Car Gets Amazing Rescue


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