Little Boy Saved His Money To Save A Race Horse

For the love a horse.

This 9 year-old boy did the unthinkable with his birthday money…he gave it away. Well, not quite. He spent his own money to save the life of a horse. How sweet is that?? Read on for this heartwarming decision.

Meet Brandon Heyman of Ontario. He’s a local hero in my eyes as he just saved the life of a retired race horse.

This aging horse was being purchased by a meat buyer but this little boy just couldn’t let that happen.

Brandon’s mom read an article on the Need You Now Equine website and shared the story (and future) of this 17-year-old mare with her son.

“Nobody seemed interested in her,” Brandon’s mother said. “And when my son asked what I was going to do about it, he then said, ‘Mummy, my birthday’s coming up. Just give my birthday money to them. I don’t want the horse to die.'”

What a great story about paying the price to save someone’s life. Who does that remind you of? Jesus? He paid the ultimate price to save you and me from sin and death. God offered His son’s life and washed our sins away in His blood. May this Easter Season fill you with God’s sovereign grace and mercy and LOVE. But most of all His love!!

This grateful mum was so touched by her son’s generous heart that she too made a contribution. Brandon’s mom raised the remaining $650 needed to buy the mare and surprised Brandon with a new best friend!

Thank you, Brandon, for your generous heart and giving spirit! Your new horse-buddy has been blessed by your selfless act. Enjoy your new friend! And may you enjoy each other’s company for years to come! Blessings!

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Featured Image Credit: Getty Images