Chivalry Is Tested In Hidden Camera Challenge

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In this modern age, many people seem to think that chivalry is a lost art. However, this hidden camera challenge is putting all of our opinions to the test. The camera team had a man and a woman carry very heavy suitcases up a tall staircase. They were curious to see if an equal amount of people would lend a hand to both the man and the woman.

Each of the volunteers tested this theory twenty times each. The hidden camera captured them struggling to walk up the stairs in a very crowded public area. The camera kept a tally of how many people stopped to help the woman, and how many people stopped to help the man.

The results were quite shocking. Almost every person helped the woman out when they saw her struggling. She received a score of 19 out of 20 attempts. This meant that out of 20 attempts up the stairs 19 people stopped to help her! On the other hand, the man’s score was much lower, only 8 out of 20 people stopped to help him carry his heavy suitcases.

It was really disappointing to see how many people walked right past the man without helping him. After watching this, chivalry doesn’t seem to be dead for women. But, more also need to help a brother in need out once in a while. What a fascinating challenge! What did you expect would happen in this situation?

WATCH: Chivalry Challenge Between A Man & Woman

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