Zookeeper Shares Precious Moments with Baby Gorilla and Good Luck Not Falling in Love

baby gorilla kaius

A 2-month-old silverback baby gorilla named Kaius needed human intervention in order to survive birth. But just wait until you see this cutie now!

When things went wrong during Kaius’ birth, the special angels at Mogo Wildlife Park stepped in to help save the baby gorilla. Kaius’ mother, Kipenzi, experienced some serious complications during delivery and was unable to care for her newborn baby boy.

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In the wild, this would have likely become a death sentence for little Kaius. However, his family lives at Mogo Wildlife Park in Australia. And a skilled team from the zoo was able to give the baby gorilla and his parents the help they so desperately needed!

The park’s director, Chad Staples, (who goes by Zookeeper Chad on social media) was part of that rescue team. And he’s continued to provide updates on Kaius’ development via Instagram. And seeing this sweet baby’s progress is as inspiring as it is adorable!

Baby Gorilla Fights To Survive

After his birth, Kaius faced a lot of challenges. He developed sepsis pneumonia and it was up to Chad to help nurse him back to health. Kaius fought to stay alive and managed to survive the deadly infection.

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“He’s blown us away with his will and his strength,” Chad explained. “He’s just a fighter.”

With his health back on track, Chad now needed to make sure the baby gorilla continued growing and hitting the appropriate developmental milestones.

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In one of the videos shared online, Zookeeper Chad holds a diaper-clad Kaius in his lap. At the time of filming, the baby gorilla was two months old and working on strengthening his legs in order to stand on his own. And watching this adorable baby animal is such a treat!

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Chad Staples continued to work with Kaius and after several months, the baby gorilla was finally old enough and strong enough to return to living with fellow gorillas. The team deemed returning him to his mother to be too unsafe. So, instead, Kaius was introduced to an adoptive gorilla mother, G-Anne.

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There were risks involved with this approach, too. The zoo’s staff had no way to know for sure that G-Anne wouldn’t reject and try to kill Kaius. So, it was a tense moment for all when the two were first introduced.

Thankfully, however, G-Anne welcomed the baby gorilla into her arms and heart. And this was a beautiful blessing all around!

"What was always going to be unsure was what sort of role [G-Anne] would want to play for Kaius," Chad explained. "To get him to this point, it certainly makes me smile."

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