Newborn Baby And Gorilla Share A Special Moment At The Zoo And It’s Going Viral

baby and gorilla at zoo

Emmelina Austin witnessed an incredible moment between her newborn baby and a gorilla at the zoo, then shared it with the rest of us online.

It's the universal language of motherly love that even mammals understand. No words were spoken during a viral moment between a mom with newborn baby and a gorilla at the zoo.

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Garnering millions of views, the video shows a gorilla by the name of Kiki gazing at Emmelina Austin's five-week-old son, Canyon through the glass window of her home.

Kiki is a mother of five. The latest addition to the gorilla’s brood includes a seven-month-old baby boy named Pablo! After she birthed Pablo, she held her son for the first two months and wouldn’t put him down.

According to her caretakers, she is only just now letting her older daughters help take care of him. Because Kiki is so maternal, the joke at the zoo is that if a baby were to fall into her enclosure, they wouldn't get the baby back out because she loves babies so much.

Amazing Moment Between Baby And Gorilla

It was very apparent in the video that this is very true about Kiki. When she saw Emmelina holding her son, the bonds of motherhood were communicated without one word.

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Kiki the gorilla gazed adoringly at baby Canyon for well over five minutes. She even tried to touch him as she held her hand up the glass!

Then, she brought her son Pablo to Emmelina for a proper introduction. For the next several minutes, mothers Kiki and Emmelina sat with their babies inches apart–merely separated by glass bonding as mothers.

Emmelina said, "You could just see the love in her eyes. Her face was just so in love. She was showing her baby my baby. You could just see the emotions in her eyes."

While humans may be the only ones with a dedicated day for being a mom, it seems that everyday is mother's day in the animal kingdom. Kiki reminds us just how dedicated, fierce, and loving all moms are. It will certainly be a moment Emmelina will never forget!

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“And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart.” Luke 2:51

WATCH: Incredible Moment Between Newborn Baby And Gorilla At The Zoo

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