Emotional Photo of Mother Monkey Shows How Deeply Animals Feel

Mother Monkey Cries in Grief

Nearly a year ago, Avinash Lodhi, a photographer in India posted an image on Facebook that has continued to captivate the attention of anyone who sees it. The photo shows a mother monkey wailing in extreme grief.

"When I was returning I suddenly saw a group of monkeys rushing here and there. I decided to sit down and watch their activities. I wanted to capture some pictures of them, even though I was losing light, but I managed to capture this. It was so quick I didn't even know what was happening when I took the picture." the photographer explained to ndt.tv.

The image brings out very strong feelings in those who see it. In that one photograph, a mother’s love is visible in such a simple and obvious way. This monkey mother is so completely overtaken with grief that we feel her sorrow. We can all relate. It serves as a beautiful reminder that we are all God’s creatures and that he made us all so beautifully and perfectly. Complete with all our intense emotions and suffering the same losses.

Fortunately for this heartbroken mama, the outcome was going to be a good one on this day!

Seconds after the first image was taken, the mama drew her baby in close to her and snuggled and squeezed him in tightly. If you look closely at the baby’s right leg you’ll notice a little blurring that indicates motion–the baby was moving his foot!

Moments later, the photographer reported that the baby was conscious again and the mother’s anguished cries stopped. Peace was returned to the majestic animal duo.

If your day could use a pick-me-up, check out these adorable pictures of mother monkey and her sweet baby! (The photographer’s captions cracked me up, too!)


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h/t: ntd.tv