Baby Suiting — The Instagram Trend Guaranteed To Have You Smiling!

1 Baby + 1 Suit = Tons of Smiles

There is enough seriousness in this big world of ours. Sometimes, you just need to smile. Like you, for example. You look like you could use a face splitting grin that leaves your cheeks sore. Well, you came to the right place!

Big suits demand respect and exude power. They say "Hey! I'm in charge!" and "Look out world! I'm here to take you over!"

On the contrary, little babies exude innocence. Their precious faces say "Ain't I cute?" and "Fancy a cuddle?"

And that's exactly why Mommy Blogger, Ilana Wiles (better known as @mommyshorts on Instagram), brought the two together in a photo trend she has dubbed #babysuiting.

The results are adorably priceless!


So, I'm just gonna take a power nap during our power lunch. Carry on without me.

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I prefer my milk shaken, not stirred.

Please don't make me sign that stack of documents. I left all my good crayons at home.

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Well, one thing I can promise you. . .that ain't coffee in my diaper...

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Hmmm, let me think about it. I could approve your request for time off, but I think I'd rather just throw a temper tantrum. Yep…definitely gonna go with the temper tantrum.

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But how come WE don't get to have casual Fridays?!

I'm gonna need you to pass me that cigar box. It's where I keep my finest pacifiers.


So, the corporate hot shots are saying we need to start eating our veggies. It's time we get organized…

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Now I've got a real nice set of power wheels out back I could show ya. Trust me — she's a real beaut.

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I ride in my baby stroller…LIKE A BOSS!

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Yes sir. I do realize I'm late. But I just couldn't leave the house until I knew how this morning's episode of Sesame Street would end.

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So, now that you’ve seen just how much fun this can be, here’s your assignment. First, find a suit. Next, find a baby. Put baby in suit. Take a picture and share it with someone to brighten their day!

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h/t: Distractify

Featured Image Credit: Instagram