Baby Talking To Dad In Gibberish Is So Animated, And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Baby Talking to Dad in Gibberish

One-year-old baby talking to her dad in gibberish is so animated, and this adorable tot is just the cutest thing ever.

Watching this tiny tyke Eryn talk to her dad with her incessant babbling and expressive gestures, it is no wonder this video went viral. It's a good thing her parents captured this truly heart-melting moment on camera because you'll melt as you watch.

Little Eryn toddles into the kitchen to tell her father about the most outrageous thing she's seen today. Standing in a little blue onesie, she has to share her thoughts and opinions.

She smiles, gestures, crosses her arms, points at her dad, and more. Her dad acts as if he knows what the gibberish conversation is about and encourages her by making statements like, "And then what?" and "Unbelievable!"

Baby Talks to Dad in Hilarious Gibberish

This prods Eryn to continue the conversation because her daddy agrees with her! The more her dad talks, the more Eyrn continues to talk in detail about what's on her mind. By the end, she is so winded from the conversation, she has a seat right there on the floor as if to say, "That's all folks!"

Who knows what the conversation was about? Maybe Eryn was outraged that her mother washed her favorite snuggly toy. Or she was giving her opinions on how her diaper was changed and how certain steps in the process needed to be improved to suit her preferences. We will never know!

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If Eryn is this talkative and opinionated at the age of one, imagine how articulate she will be when she reaches her teenage years. Watching our children grow and reach milestones are memories we hold fast in our hearts. Everything from first words, first steps to first dates. 18 years doesn't seem long enough before they're off on their own. At least Eryn's family captured a precious moment in time to share with her when she grows up.

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him," Psalm 127:3.

WATCH: Baby Talking Gibberish to Dad Is So Animated

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