He Leaned Down To Give His Baby A Kiss And Is Overjoyed As Newborn Kisses Dad Back

newborn kisses dad back

As a loving father planted a kiss on his baby daughter’s head, he’s in for a delightful shock as the newborn kisses dad back. And dad’s reaction is utterly priceless!

We don't expect the tiniest of babies to respond significantly or give much back in terms of loving gestures. They are just simply too young. Or, so we think!

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This scrumptious baby girl-Ava is her name-returns Dad's love to an almost unimaginable extent. And it leaves both Dad and Mom elated!

In this 12-second TikTok video, Dad is seen rubbing sweet Ava's tiny back. She is snuggly in a fresh, white speckled onesie that's probably as new as she is.

We hear Dad softly say a few words. It sounds like him telling her that it's okay and that he loves her, too.

Dad happily strokes Ava's soft back. She is one bushed baby, yawning big and turning her head to nuzzle into Dad's neck. And, it looks like he might have missed a few Z's as well, closing his eyes and giving her a quick kiss on the forehead.

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But, Ava doesn't drop her wee head and return to sleep as quickly as we expect. Instead, she does something wonderfully surprising!

Newborn Kisses Dad Back

Ava very clearly stops mid-motion to return Dad's expression of love. This sweet newborn kisses dad back.

It is obviously not accidental or coincidental! This beautiful child of God is responding to Dad as she reaches up with her itty-bitty mouth and gives her daddy the sweetest of gifts-the first of many, many kisses on his cheek that she will deliver as she grows from an infant to an adult daughter.

After the newborn kisses dad on the cheek, Dad gasps and turns toward Ava's momma, who is filming these priceless moments. He is jubilant because his adorable baby girl has shown her love for him! That's not something a parent expects out of one this young. Dad is gleeful, and Mom is as well. She lets him know that she has captured the smooch on video because, after all, that is an instant they'll want to remember!

Big moments and amazing memories don't always take long to accomplish. Sometimes, they occur in mere seconds. They don't have to happen in fabulous locations. Sometimes, they take place at home on a cozy couch!

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Blessing to you baby Ava, and to your parents, too!

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me." Mark 9:37

WATCH: Heartwarming Moment Newborn Kisses Dad Back

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