Rescued Sailor & Dog Reunite After Surviving Being Lost At Sea For Two Months

tim shaddock and bella reunite following rescue

A man, Tim Shaddock, and his dog, Bella, who were the subject of a dramatic rescue after being lost at sea for months, have now reunited.

Exploring all the great outdoors offers a fun, exciting and thrilling experience. The good Lord has created beautiful, expansive mountain ranges, breathtaking landscapes and magnificent blue oceans. But, like anything else, venturing into the great unknown does come with dangers and risks.

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Tim Shaddock and Bella are more than familiar with the hazards that come with exploring the outdoors. The pair were lost at sea for more than two months before their rescue in early July.

Following their rescue by a Mexican tuna trawler, Tim announced he would continue exploring. However, he also stated that he would be giving up his companion, Bella, for adoption, People reported.

However, Tim and Bella have now reunited following their long, scary journey and rescue, according to Insider. Their reunification comes after the two had spent a few days apart.

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"I'm so happy to have seen my dog again," Tim said.

"She's still as lively as ever," he added.

The move to give Bella up for adoption is for Bella's safety, Tim said. This has to have been a really tough decision for Tim. But since he plans to continue exploring the great outdoors, he wanted to make sure that Bella would be safe and well cared for. People states that the Australian sailor is planning a voyage to Belize.

Tim, Who Is Giving Up Bella Adoption, Knows Who Will Be Taking The Dog

"She's been through a lot with me as it is," Tim said.

Bella won't be going to just anybody. Tim knows who will be adopting Bella. During a press conference following his and Bella's rescue, Tim mentioned that one of the crew members who rescued the pair, Genaro Rosales, would be bringing Bella into his home.

Tim and Bella set out from the Gulf of California, with their intended destination as the French Polynesia in May. However, during their journey, they encountered a storm that damaged their sailing vessel, setting them adrift in the Pacific Ocean, according to CNN.

Professor Mike Tipton from the University of Portsmouth shared that Bella probably played a crucial role in Tim’s survival by keeping his spirits up and giving him a sense of purpose. “He had companionship,” the professor said. He added, “Your survival time is as long as you can keep collecting water, getting occasional food, and doing things that help you stay positive.”

There is no doubt that sweet Bella helped make Tim’s ordeal more bearable. What a blessing she must have been, and how wonderful it is that the two were rescued.

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"Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift his fellow; but woe to him who is alone when he falls and doesn't have another to lift him up."Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

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