Man’s Family Celebrates His Big Day With 100th Birthday Dog Parade And He Loves Every Second

100th birthday dog parade

The family of Dr. Robert Moore honored him in such a special way with a 100th birthday dog parade. And it was the perfect celebration for a man who so deeply loves these animals!

As people get older, birthdays are occasions most like less and less. In fact, those are days on the calendar a good majority of people would like to skip over altogether.

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However, everything is always better with dogs, even days that remind us that we're getting older.

100th Birthday Dog Parade

A clip posted on YouTube mentions that one family in California took an unusual route when celebrating their father's special day. They threw the man a dog parade for his 100th birthday! And the four-legged community and their two-legged owners responded in a big, big way.

Nearly 200 dogs joined in the surprise dog parade for Dr. Robert Moore. The video points out that Robert was overjoyed by the surprise lineup of dogs, petting every dog that came by to wish him a happy birthday.

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Not only did Robert greet every member of the four-legged community by petting them, but he also knew every breed of dog he encountered!

One of Robert's daughters, Vickie Mallon, was overjoyed by the turnout.

"This is probably the biggest thing that's happened in our family that's given us the most joy," she said.

The Perfect Celebration

But the surprises did not stop with the seemingly endless line of dogs ready to meet and greet Robert on his big day. The clip points out that attendees brought "gifts, flowers, balloons and posters."

So, who were these people that came out and helped bring a smile to Robert's face? It was total and complete strangers.

"They were mostly strangers. They were," Alison Moore, Robert's daughter said. "And it just, it makes you feel wonderful about your community that people would come out and do that for your dad that you love so much."

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Ephesians 4:32 "And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."

WATCH: Dog Lover Honored With 100th Birthday Dog Parade

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