Community Shows Up For Man’s 100th Birthday And Leaves The WWII Veteran Speechless

100th birthday wishes for veteran alfred rogers

One Tennessee community came together in a great, big way to offer 100th-birthday wishes to a gentleman who is a member of their town and one of that group that we call "The Greatest Generation!"

Stationed in the Pacific all those years ago, World War II Veteran Alfred Rogers fought in the Battle of Biak at the age of 22.

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He's experienced a million memory-making moments since then, and Alfred is still going strong. So, it makes sense that the Cumberland County Elks Lodge #2751 would celebrate this very special man!

100th Birthday Celebration For WWII Veteran

Just before Alfred's 100th birthday on March 5, 2022, the Lodge brought together members, friends, and family from Alfred's Crossville, Tennessee community to throw a party in celebration of his upcoming milestone birthday. Alfred couldn't have been more pleased with all the 100th-birthday wishes, declaring the occasion as "priceless."

Showered with gifts and love, Alfred said, “There are not many times in my life I have been speechless, but this may be as close as I’ll ever get. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.”

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Alfred's daughter, Betsy, was there to celebrate with her dad whom she describes as tough, loving, and highly intelligent. And, it doesn't take long to see each of those three wonderful traits exhibited in her father!

Alfred is in great shape, too. He still drives, lives independently, and enjoys camping trips! That's very impressive! Alfred is grateful for the years that he's had because he knows that not many are as blessed as he.

Having lived through and experienced many epic moments and periods in history, Alfred identified one that is particularly special to him-the time when he held his first great-grandchild, a precious 3-month-old baby girl!

The Lodge and Crossville communities recognized Alfred for all of his "sacrifices and accomplishments" over the years. It's wonderful that they took the time to remember Alfred and bless him with so many 100th-birthday wishes.

Touched and appreciative, he was here to enjoy the recognition and celebration with friends! Sadly, there are only about 240,000 World War II veterans still with us, so it's a privilege to love them and learn from them as long as we possibly can. Those moments... They are priceless!

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