She’s Been Working for McDonald’s for Decades So Turning 100 Brought Out the Entire Community

grandma working at mcdonald's ruthie shuster

This woman loves working for McDonald's almost as much as the local customers love her. Ruthie Shuster turned 100 this March, and the community made sure she was appreciated.

You can tell from the video that Ruthie is the type of person who has loved every year of being alive. She is still able to work her fast-food shifts and after, go dancing! Ruthie has such a young and free spirit.

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When asked why she still worked at her age, Ruthie replied, "I really like the job. No effort for me. I get payday!” She went on to say, “I get paid, I pay my bills and that's good. I never had a lot of money but I always had enough, that's the way it is."

In some clips in the video, you can see Ruthie posing with some of her favorite customers and even dancing around the tables to music from someone playing the accordion.

Widow Working At McDonald’s Turns 100

Unfortunately, after 25 years of working at McDonald's, the pandemic put a damper on her party spirit. She talked about missing the crowds that normally came in and misses the other activities she likes that have been canceled.

"Can't go dancing nowhere. There's no dances around!"

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Don't worry, Ruthie felt the love from her customers. The restaurant got a mailbox put outside so people could send her some birthday cards. She got stacks of them!

Ruthie is even more impressive than you think! Of McDonald's almost 2 million employees, the average age is around 28. Only about 17% of its employees are over 40 years old. Ruth first got the job when she was 73 — imagine how few are even over 70!

Ruthie shared that her husband died when she was 50 and has been working ever since. Regardless of how many jobs she had before, she surely found a second home when she started working at this McDonald's!

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We should take some notes on how Ruthie appreciates every day of her life. Working or retired, life is a blessing!

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