Grandma Working At McDonald’s Is Speechless As Secret Santa Hands Over A Set Of Keys

grandma working at mcdonald's new car

A Christmas blessing came early for Diana Boldman — a grandma working at McDonald’s — when a Secret Santa turned up with a new car and more!

Despite being 65 years old, Diana Boldman of Idaho still works hard to make ends meet.

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Cameron has had several health setbacks and is on disability. Diana has faced her own health struggles, too. So, with money being tight, Diana still works hard each and every day and dreams of retiring in a few years.

For now, though, Cameron and Diana wake up early each morning to deliver 150 newspapers. Then, Diana spends hours working at McDonald’s. The couple’s van has almost 240,000 and is nearing disrepair.

But Diana’s hustle caught the attention of a local Good Samaritan. And the stranger’s incredible act of kindness makes for just the type of positive news story we love to hear!

Secret Santa Surprise For Grandma Working At McDonald’s

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, teamed up with local news anchor Nate Easton to play Secret Santa. And Diana Boldman was one of the special people on his list.

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So, Nate showed up while Diana was working at McDonald’s to surprise her with the Secret Santa’s gifts.

As an Idaho Falls resident, Diana was familiar with Nate Easton and his work on behalf of local Secret Santas. But the grandma never imagined she’d be on the receiving end one day!

You can just tell the sweet lady is in complete shock as she is gifted keys to a new vehicle, along with $5,000 worth of gas cards and a check for $1,000 to cover the car’s registration. She just keeps repeating, “Oh my goodness” as Nate shows her the brand new SUV!

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What a beautiful thing to do for this sweet grandma working at McDonald’s. And what a wonderful reminder that it truly is better to give than to receive!

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Featured Image: Youtube/East Idaho News