Secret Santa Surprises 69-Year-Old Widow With New Car, And Now Everyone’s Sobbing

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A widow’s car needed replacing but she could never afford to do so on her own. And that’s when a Secret Santa showed up with some special surprises for this sweet lady. And her reaction will have you reaching for the tissues!

It's hard to think about the generosity of giving this time of year when many of us are strapped financially. That's the beauty of giving sometimes–we give all that we have, and it makes a world of difference for someone else.

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Nate Eaten and his news team of Elves received an anonymously written letter about a woman named Annette. Annette should have been enjoying her golden years. But instead, she's still working and lives as a widow.

Annette’s husband passed away 17 years ago. Nate goes on to read a letter about why Annette was nominated, "She was diagnosed 18 months ago with cancer. She's had surgery, and she's now trying to keep it at bay," Nate read. He goes on, saying, "She's a very kind and humble person. She's very independent and never asks for help."

The letter goes on to reveal the struggles she's had with her transportation. Her last car was given to her almost a decade ago, but it is no longer reliable. Annette's kindness and humility certainly captured the hearts of people around her because they nominated Annette to be the recipient of giving through Secret Santa.

Secret Santa Sets Out To Deliver Car

Nate's team was more than excited to shop for a brand-new car for the widow. In their thoughtfulness, they took it a few steps further and ensured the car wouldn't be any expense for her too. This includes taking care of all car payments, registration, and even insurance for the first year.

The team arrived at Annette's house, ready to hand her the keys. But she's not home which leads them on an adventure.

Nate learns that Annette is still probably at work, and they gear up again for the big surprise only to learn she left work to get repairs done on her junker car! Nate and his crew hustle to contact the repair shop in town, but they couldn't track her down.

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But that doesn't stop these guys! Instead, they regroup at Annette's house to surprise her.

Widow Sobs As She’s Gifted New Car

When she first saw Nate and his elves, she was a little nervous. It's not every day a news station crew shows up on your doorstep. Nate then surprised her with a gift of a $1,000 check to cover all the fees for the widow’s car. But she has no idea what the money is intended for.

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He then gives her a box with a set of keys, and for a moment, Annette stops breathing before she bursts into tears. "You've gotta be kidding me. You guys! I don't deserve that," she bawled, before adding that there are so many other people out there who need help more than she does.

In that moment, relief and disbelief pour out of Annette in tears as she tries to comprehend that a stranger gave her a new car out of love and generosity. Now she can go to work with reliable transportation. I imagine every time she gets behind the wheel, she thanks God for the kindness of others.

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"They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor, their righteousness endures forever; their horn will be lifted high in honor," Psalm 119:12.

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