Boy Wakes After Car Accident, Then Hears 10-Year-Old Sister’s Screams

Boy Wakes After Car Accident, Then Hears 10-Year-Old Sister's Screams _ caleb bass _ tourniquet _ god updates

A 13-year-old Illinois boy is credited with saving the life of his 10-year-old sister. The Bass family were traveling home from Texas after celebrating their birth of their older sister’s first child when they were in a terrible car accident.

"We ended up hitting the side, going off the road hitting a tree and going into a flip and when we landed she came out of the back window," Brandi Bass told KTVI.

Caleb regained consciousness and heard his sister screaming. He quickly climbed out of the crashed car and went to her.

"And he found her, he saw her injury and she was already in shock and thought her knee was broken," Mrs. Bass continued.

Saving His Sister

That’s when he saw the blood. Knowing he needed to act fast, Caleb quickly removed his shirt. His sister, Kira, was starting to lose consciousness. Caleb stayed calm and wrapped the shirt around her leg as a tourniquet. He credits his knowledge to having seen it done in a movie.

"What was going through my mind was that I have to save her," said Caleb.

Then he went to find his mother, Brandi. Caleb found her, still trapped in the wrecked car. He worked to pull his mother to safety and then returned to his sister.

Brandi struggles with MS and other medical conditions. She is still unsure how the car accident occurred. When the car flipped, it landed upright but facing on-coming traffic. Brandi was initially unaware that her daughter, Kira had been ejected. Kira later admitted to her mom that she had forgotten to put on her seatbelt.

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Kira was sent first to a local hospital, but her leg was severely injured to the bone and they were unable to meet her care needs. The hospital had her airlifted to the Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas where she stayed for quite some time.

Boy Wakes After Car Accident, Then Hears 10-Year-Old Sister's Screams _ caleb bass _ tourniquet _ god updates

credit: Brandi Bass

Family Hero

First responders were quick to credit Caleb for saving his sister’s life after the car accident. The size and location of Kira’s wound would have been certain death due to blood loss.

"[Caleb] keeps telling everybody, ‘I am not a hero.' And I keep telling him, ‘Yes you are, baby doll. You saved your sister's life. People are just telling you that you did that.'''

Since the accident, Kira has been making good progress in her recovery. She was even able to attend her other brother, Seth’s, football game. Kira’s leg will require monitoring as it heals and she will need physical therapy. Thankfully she is now able to use a walker and enjoy more time outside with her family and friends!

"I tell her, ‘It sucks that it happened. But we have to fight. It hurts. But you're alive.' She just doesn't seem to get that this is the most important thing. She's alive.'' Brandi shared.


Caleb and his mom both suffered minor scratches and bruises but thankfully were wearing their seatbelt. Outside of being sore, they are both doing well.

"Without my son and without God I don't know if we'd be standing here," Caleb’s Mom said.

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