Teen Orders 100 McDonald’s Burgers And Performs An Incredible Act Of Kindness

teen orders 100 McDonald's burgers

When Lance stepped up to the counter and ordered 100 McDonald’s burgers, the cashier thought it was a joke. But what the teen and his friend did with them is truly inspiring.

We’re so blessed to live in a land of plenty. And yet, while most US cities have a plethora of fast food restaurants lining the streets, there are loads of folks unsure of how or where they’ll get their next meal.

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Teens often get a bad rep for being entitled and ungrateful. But Lance Stewart and Adin Kolansky certainly don’t fall into that category. These two teens walked into McDonald’s in 2015 with a camera rolling and asked for 100 McDoubles. The cashier thought it was all a joke. But what the boys did with the burgers was no joke at all.

Teens Pass Out 100 McDonald’s Burgers

The total purchase came to $151.51. But as Lance began selflessly handing out the food to the homeless, their reactions were priceless.

In the heartwarming video, the teens walked all around their town passing out the burgers to those in need. They didn’t stop until every sandwich was gone. And seeing how much the kind gesture meant to the folks on the street was truly moving.

So often, the homeless are forgotten or ignored. Some folks feel too overwhelmed to help, thinking the person’s needs are too great. But Lance and Adin demonstrated just how easy it is to make a difference. While the hamburger is certainly appreciated, you can tell most of these folks are just pleasantly surprised to be noticed. And the teens’ small act of kindness is huge — it lets these poor souls know there are still people who care.

What amazing role models this teen and his friends are for the young generation. My faith in humanity is officially restored!

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"He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'” Matthew 25:45

WATCH: Teen Orders 100 McDonald’s Burgers To Feed Homeless

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