Town Came Together To Wish Man With Special Needs ‘Happy Birthday’

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For residents in Bothell, WA, Will Tinkham is changing the world, one greeting at a time. When Will’s birthday arrived, the town came together to make sure his day was very special!

A tiny coffee shop called “Beca’s Brew” soon became Will’s favorite place to be. While he may have challenges, Will doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying life and trying to encourage others. Beca Nistrian, understood Will and appreciated his gift of encouragement. So she struck up a deal with him.

“If you come here every day and you talk to me for like an hour or two, ah, you can have… any drink.”

An hour here or there, soon became a full day. Now Beca enjoys a challenge of creating a new drink for Will each day. And he loves the opportunity to guess what she has in store for him. But Will isn’t just making Beca smile, he has become a fixture for the town residents who are delighted by his friendly “hellos” at the local coffee spot.

“I’m in awe of him. He finds the smallest things to be happy about. He finds joy in everything!”

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Will Finds A Purpose

Now that Will is around often, Beca has given him other tasks as well and pays him for his help. Will is excited for the opportunity to be needed. Even the simplest tasks are a blessing to him.

“It’s fun [being] here…Having a great day!” says Will of his time.

It wasn’t always so great for Will. While he may not have noticed, Beca saw that he wasn’t always given the respect he deserved. So she took to the neighborhood blog to encourage the town to see him with a different perspective. In her post, she mentioned his birthday coming up. That’s when the best of the town stepped forward.

Those who had seen Will and come to love him, were quick to join in on an impromptu 31st birthday party at Beca’s Brew. Along with family and a few friends, Will was surrounded by strangers that were eager to help him celebrate. Understandably, Will was overwhelmed with joy. In true form, he was so excited to greet everyone individually with a hug and “Thank you so much!”

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Even the local police department showed up. Knowing how much Will loves police officers and their sirens, he was given a birthday ride-a-long… complete with sirens and commemorative coin!

WATCH: Town Came Together To Surprise Will On His Birthday

credit: Facebook/Eric Johnson KOMO

What started with one person just stopping to listen to Will has quickly blossomed into his life being changed forever. And theirs being changed for the better!

h/t: Everything Inspirational

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