Hatching Chick Gets A ‘Happy Birthday’ Chorus From Excited Kindergarteners

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Life is a beautiful gift, and these kindergarteners got a chance to see the beginning of one when they watched a chicken egg hatch in their classroom. They were so in awe, and the kindergartners sang happy birthday to welcome the little bird into the world.

Their teacher brought in a few chicken eggs so that the class can experience watching the baby chickens hatch. The kindergartener's reaction was so adorable, and she just had to get it on video.

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It looked as though the other eggs had already hatched, but they were able to catch one last egg just in time.

You can tell that it was their first time seeing an egg hatch because they were so mesmerized. The chicken cracked enough of the eggshell to be able to push its way out. That is when the little kiddos gathered around to watch the sight. You can hear their little voices filling up the room.

Kids Watch Baby Chick Hatch

They are trying to talk gently amongst themselves while they wait for the chicken to come out of the shell.

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And once the little chicken popped his head out, the kindergarteners gasped in the most adorable way. "Aw", they all exclaimed in unison. "It's so cute!", one of the students said with so much adoration.

Then their teacher told them to wish the baby chick a happy birthday. And in their sweetest voices, the kindergartners did the cutest thing.

Instead of just wishing the baby chicken happy birthday, they decided to sing the happy birthday song to him. "...Happy birthday, dear Chicky. Happy birthday to you".

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It was the sweetest thing. Who else just had to smile listening to these cuties?

WATCH: Kindergartners Sang Happy Birthday To Baby Chicken

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