Loving Pet Rooster Runs To Greet Girl When She Comes Home From School

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Savannah is coming home from a long day at school and her loving pet rooster eagerly awaits her. As soon as he heard her school bus, he ran to meet her.

Everyday Frog the rooster waits outside to hear for Savannah's school bus. And as soon as he hears that bus he runs as fast as he can to go greet her. It is his daily routine that Savannah's mother wanted to get on camera.

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It never fails. As the school bus is approaching the house, here comes Frog, darting to get to the end of the driveway to greet his beloved, Savannah. He darts down the long driveway. That little rooster runs so quickly, at a very impressive speed to have such little legs.

He reaches the end of the driveway just as she gets off the school bus. And does not waste any time, he goes in for a big hug. And she scoops him up into her arms and pets him as she walks to her house.

Frog is just loving every minute of it. He coos as she cuddles and pets him. He just could not wait for her to come home and she is finally here. It is the cutest thing. You can tell that the two of them have a beautiful bond.

WATCH: Loving Pet Rooster Greets His Favorite Human

Credit: Youtube/Frog The Rooster

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