Golden Retriever Puppy Hilariously Tries To Catch The Windshield Wipers

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A golden retriever puppy was in the car when he discovered windshield wipers. And his reaction was so adorable.

A Golden retriever puppy and his owner are going for a ride. It started to rain, so the owner turned on the windshield wipers of the car to get a clearer view of the road. The little puppy immediately thought that the windshield wipers were toys for him to play with and tried to grab one of the windshield wipers. He obviously could not grab one of them, but he was determined.

The ambitious puppy stretched his body across the dashboard of the car to try and reach the moving windshield wipers. With his mouth opened wide, he moved his head side to side at the same speed the windshield wipers were moving. He tried tapping at the glass with his paws as if he was trying to see if it would make a difference.

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He did not realize that it would be impossible for him to reach the windshield wipers through the glass. But that did not keep him from trying. He was going to grab those wipers! He kept tapping at the glass and opened his mouth trying to catch one of the windshields wipers.

It was such a hilarious sight that his owner just had to get it all on video. His dog is so committed to catching one of the windshield wipers. He is so focused on biting one of the wipers. And you can tell when he got frustrated with not being able to reach one. It was so cute and hilarious! How cute is he?

WATCH: Golden Retriever Puppy Tries To Play With Windshield Wipers

Credit: Rumble/porkchop_thegolden

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