Grieving Golden Retriever Opened A Box For The Best Surprise

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Everyone wants a puppy for Christmas, even doggies! Especially if they have been a good boy all year, like this golden retriever!

This Christmas, Cash, a 12-year-old retriever is in for a very special surprise, one that everyone probably had on their Christmas list! Cash has been such a good boy and his owner Marie has just the surprise for him. And he has no idea what it could be.

So, on Christmas day, Marie had a special box delivered to their house. Cash hear someone pull up in the driveway, so he is waiting anxiously at the door. He wags his tail and sniffs the door. He really wants to see who is about to come in the house. What is taking them so long? He intently stares at the door and hops with excitement as he hears the person coming closer and closer.

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Then finally someone from his family comes in with a box. The box was just for him! Cash can smell that something is definitely up. He wanted to see what they got him for Christmas! He did not know what it was, but he was excited already. His family knew that he would love his present.

And sure, enough he could not contain his excitement once he saw what was inside. The box was placed on the floor and Cash was immediately elated! He got a puppy for Christmas! Cash ran around and kept sniffing his new friend. It was so precious.

Marie had another dog named Rosie who suddenly passed away three years ago. Rosie was Cash's best buddy, so he was feeling a little lonely over the years. His family figured that a new companion would be just the thing Cash needed. And it sure was. What a lucky dog!

WATCH: Golden Retriever Gets A Puppy For Christmas

Credit: Rumble/Caters_News

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