Strangers Show Up To Bless Veteran Who Served His Country And Community With A New Home

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Building Homes for Heroes in Virginia, an organization dedicated to serving veterans, blessed a veteran family in an indescribable and incredible way.

This story is heartwarming and makes it be something you wish you could be a part of every day because it feels so good to bless someone else. Especially a veteran who served our country.

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Strangers showed up to bless a veteran who served his country and community with a new home! That's right, a brand new home and they did stop there. They even took care of the little details like blankets, new plates, and furniture.

Building Homes For Heroes In Virginia

Lance Corporal Nick Ellis not only served his country, but he also served in one of the hardest wars–Afghanistan. Nick had been injured in combat with a traumatic brain injury. But he didn't let that stop him from serving.

After he returned home, he still wanted to find a way to help his community. So, Nick decided to help at-risk youth. Nick Ellis is the perfect example of God's second greatest commandment to love others as you love yourself, don't you think?

Well, we aren't the first ones to think so. Because of his efforts and how much he poured into his country and community, others were taking notice. His community wanted to find a way to thank Nick and support him. Through Building Homes for Heroes Virginia, they managed to bless Nick, his wife, and two kids with a four-bedroom, two-bath home. Can you believe it? A home! A place to rest his head, be comfortable, raise his kids, and make memories!

When Nick and his family heard they were being gifted a house, they felt incredibly blessed and loved.

But the community decided to take blessing him and his family a few steps further. The day Nick Ellis and his family were supposed to move into their new home, the neighborhood lined streets with flags. They were arriving at their new house in style through a parade. Firetrucks and police cars drove down the street with the sound of the National Anthem playing!

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"We always remind our veterans to breathe,” Kim Valdyke, with Building Homes for Heroes, said. “They think, ‘oh, we’ll be fine.’ And they get here and they’re like [gasps].”

Community Honors Veteran In A Big Way

The special recognition from Homes For Heroes Virginia and the community took Nick's breath away.

“Every single piece of this is just special to me. I’m going to remember every one of your faces. I just wanted to say that this is community and family,” Nick Ellis said on the day of the big reveal. “And I will never forget this for as long as I live.”

The moment he and his family walked into a fully furnished house had a huge impact, too. The home came furnished thanks to a contribution from a local furniture store in town.

“We are so delighted they reached out to us to be able to do this and which is actually help the family with a brand new bedroom set,” Alex Malaver from Haynes Furniture, said. “There are no words to describe how good it feels. It gives you the chills. But this is what we do as a community. We give back.”

Nick and his family felt more than just chills. They felt what it means to be loved and to love others. Jesus' second greatest commandment is to love others just as you love yourself. You can't help but wipe tears from your eyes and whisper "Thank you for having others bless this family, Lord," as you watch this incredibly touching video!

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“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." Mark 12:31

WATCH: Veteran Gets New Home From Homes For Heroes Virginia

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