This Shelter Cat Just Chose His Forever Home All On His Own

This Shelter Cat Is A Real Go-Getter!

Hello there! My name is Slade. You probably can’t tell by looking at me now, but would you believe I used to be a shelter cat? That’s right. I used to live in a cage at a place called Petsmart. Please allow me to tell you the incredible story of how all of that changed.

godupdates shelter cat slade chooses new owner 1

Credit: Shawn

I was hanging out in my cage, just people watching. There was always plenty of people to watch during the day. And that’s when I spotted him. . . Shawn. I could tell just by looking at him that he’d make the perfect human companion. And oh goody! He was headed my way!

Shawn looked vaguely familiar to me. Come to think of it, I think I’d seen him stocking some of the nearby shelves. Ah yes — he must be one of the Petsmart employees. And judging by the way he was casually strolling towards the adoption center, he must be on break.

To get his attention, I started rubbing against the cage. Then, as he got closer, I started playing with him through the glass (humans love that). It worked like a charm. He came back into the pen with me!

Now, how was I going to get him to realize he was supposed to take me home? Humans can be pretty dense, you see. So, I settled on extreme measures.

godupdates shelter cat slade chooses new owner

Credit: Shawn

I jumped right up onto Shawn’s shoulders. And just so there was no confusion, I kneaded his shoulders and suckled on his earlobe. I figured that would send a pretty clear message.

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And it did! Shawn adopted me that same day after his shift had ended. I knew I’d picked a good human! He snapped a photo of the two of us and shared it on that thing called the Internet that all humans seemed to be obsessed with.

godupdates shelter cat slade chooses new owner 2

Credit: Shawn

He included the touching caption, “The moment I knew I had to get him. Meet Slade The Cat. He’s weird but I love him.”

I love Shawn too, although I was slightly bothered by the “he’s weird part.” It sounded to me like he needed a bit more nuzzling.

godupdates shelter cat slade chooses new owner 4

Credit: Shawn

We’ve been together now for a year, and it’s pretty clear the Big Man Upstairs meant for the two of us to find each other. And it took some time, but I’ve finally convinced Shawn that there’s absolutely nothing weird about his best 4-legged buddy hanging out on his shoulders.

godupdates shelter cat slade chooses new owner 5

Credit: Shawn

Be sure to share my story! I’m so happy to have snagged my forever home with Shawn, but not all of the fuzzy friends I left behind are as forward as I am. And I hear there are all kinds of shelters out there with loving animals out there just waiting to meet their special human.

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h/t: Huffington Post