Jeweler Gives Struggling Mom Money From His Own Pocket

Jeweler Gave Money To Struggling Mom

When a mother-of-two fell on hard times, she saw no other option but to sell a valuable necklace. Thankfully, God led her to Noah, who refused to take the sentimental treasure. Instead, the jeweler gave money from his own pocket to the struggling mom!

Sometimes in life, we fall on hard times. But these are the moments in our lives that truly shape us as a person and you never forget those who help you out. One woman in Dallas is thankful for a stranger right now after his real-life act of kindness helped change her life.

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This mother with 2 children walked into a local jewelry store looking to sell a precious gold necklace. The necklace held a lot of meaning to this woman as it was a gift for her own mother. But, money was tight and there were bills that needed to be paid.

Noah, the jewelry store employee, could tell that something was not right with the mother. He even noted that there were tears in her eyes. That's when she told him about her struggles and he asked her how much she was looking to get for the necklace.

The upset woman told him a price and he counted out the exact amount. But this kind jeweler refused to take her necklace. Instead, he gave her money from his own pocket. Security footage shows the woman embracing Noah and wiping tears from her eyes.

It's moments like this that truly restore my faith in humanity. Noah saw someone in their time of need and he decided to do something to help. I know that this woman will never forget the kindness shown that day and I hope that, once she is able, she passes on the chain of kindness. Who else loves this sweet story?

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