Folks Flock From All Over To Celebrate As The World’s Oldest Dog, Bobi, Turns 31

world's oldest dog bobi

The world’s oldest dog Bobi calls the rural village of Conqueiros in Leiria, Portugal, home. And residents there and around the world call Bobi famous!

Bobi is a registered purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo. He's spent his entire life with one owner. Now 38 years old, Leonel Costa was just 8 when he hid Bobi and saved him from being euthanized with his siblings. The two became family, and Leonel has cared for Bobi since that time.

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In February 2023, the Guinness World Records awarded Bobi with two titles! Born on May 11, 1992, Bobi is not only the world's oldest living dog, he is also the oldest living dog ever! Guinness World Records verified Bobi's birthday with the Veterinary Medical Service of Leiria, which registered Bobi in 1992. SIAC, a pet database authorized by the Portuguese government and managed by the National Union of Veterinarians, also confirmed Bobi's remarkable age.

A Special Celebration

In honor of Bobi's recent 31st birthday, Leonel planned a fabulous, "very traditional" party. Held on May 13, there were over 100 guests invited, and Bobi's favorite local meats and fish were served. Bobi, who has only ever eaten human food, was allowed seconds! And there were even international friends in attendance!

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After becoming a two-time Guinness World Records recipient in February, Bobi become tired and weakened. The physical and emotional stress of meeting many reporters and posing for photos took a toll.

However, the world’s oldest dog Bobi has since bounced back and is doing well.

World’s Oldest Dog Bobi’s Secret To Longevity

Mr. Costa attributes Bobi's longevity to several things. Bobi has enjoyed a "calm, peaceful environment," and he's always had the opportunity to explore the forests around his home. He's never been tied up or bound by a leash. While he doesn't venture as far as he once did, he continues to enjoy lounging in the yard.

Just like Leonel, Bobi has seen several family members come and go. Leonel told TODAY, "Bobi is special because looking at him is like remembering the people who were part of our family and unfortunately are no longer here, like my father, my brother, or my grandparents who have already left this world.”

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Happy 31st Birthday, Bobi! You definitely seem to have discovered the secret to a long life. Long naps, good food, loved ones, the great outdoors, and harmony-that sounds pretty sweet!

"for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness." 1 Timothy 2:2

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