Bride Stuns by Wearing Grandma’s 1970 Courthouse Wedding Dress at Her Own Wedding Rehearsal

wedding dress for courthouse vows

Maggie Meitzler, a bride stuns at her wedding rehearsal by wearing grandma's 1970 wedding dress she wore for her courthouse vows.

The saying "something old and something new" was given a new twist when Maggie decided to honor her grandmother during her wedding rehearsal.

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The moment is so honest, loving, and beautiful you'll want to have a box of tissues nearby. There couldn't be anything sweeter than watching Maggie's grandmother as the realization hit her.

A Special Surprise

Maggie wanted to find a way to honor her beloved grandmother. She treasured a photo that showed her grandparents as newlyweds after a small, efficient courthouse wedding.

Maggie, on the other hand, was pulling out all the stops for her tremendous big day of getting hitched. She had the moment she wore her grandmother’s wedding dress from the courthouse wedding vows filmed to capture her grandmother's reaction.

Needless to say, her grandmother was shocked, surprised, and overjoyed.

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But the story doesn't end there. Maggie then uploaded the video to TikTok and added the caption, "Surprising my grandparents by wearing my grandma's 51-year-old courthouse wedding dress for my wedding rehearsal."

As a stunning bride-to-be, Maggie walked down the aisle in a beautiful red dress with white trim, and her grandmother was absolutely awe-struck.

Since that beautiful moment, Maggie's video has gone viral with over 1.6 million views. What an incredible way to honor the generations before who are the foundational leaders of our family. I hope this moment inspires other brides-to-be to honor their parents and grandparents.

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"Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children," Proverbs 17:6.

WATCH: Bride Wears Grandma’s 1970 Wedding Dress From Courthouse Wedding Vows

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