She Snuck Out Of Her Own Wedding And Bride Returns Wearing Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

bride wears grandmothers wedding dress

In a touching moment, one bride wears her grandmother's wedding dress as a surprise and her reaction will leave you in tears!

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We all know the saying: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Well bride Laura Talevi used two different dresses during her wedding to represent something old & borrowed and something new.

After choosing a new dress for her wedding day, Laura knew that she also wanted to incorporate her grandmother's wedding dress in some special way. So, she changed into it to wear during her father-daughter dance. And the best part, her grandmother had no idea! You have to check out the video to see her precious reaction.

Bride Wears Grandmother’s Wedding Dress for Dad-Daughter Dance

The video was posted on Instagram by @lightcannonfilms. The video opens to text that reads. "The bride sneaked out of the reception before her father-daughter dance…to change into her grandmother’s wedding dress.”

As Laura surprises her grandmother in the beautiful gown, she is speechless. What a heartwarming gesture! Then Laura's grandmother gladly expresses to the people around her, “That’s my gown” as she beams with pride while watching her granddaughter dance.

The video went viral once it was posted online and has amassed more than one million likes.

"Absolutely precious,” one person posted after watching the video. “What a dedication and expression of love for her Grandmom. You look stunning," expressed another person online.

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This is a moment that this granddaughter and grandmother will not soon forget! God bless these women and their heartwarming bond.

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