6 Sisters And Their Mom Decided To Wear Their Wedding Dresses Again And Go Viral

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Six sisters and their mom decided to wear their wedding dresses again and they go viral. Not only did they go viral, but they also started a trend!

Terri Bonin is a mother to 11 children and she is blessed to have four daughters and two daughters-in-law: Madeleine, 28, Hannah Joy, 26, Alexis, 25, Syndie, 25, Annalise, 23, and Kate,18.

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The gals of this blessed family have their own group chat. And when Terri mentioned how fun it would be to wear their wedding dresses again, her daughters all chimed in about how fun it would be. Hannah Joy and Alexis suggested they go out in public.

Madeline added, "We felt like we shouldn't put on our dresses and sit in the house. We should go out to dinner.”

That very next week, the girls planned their dinner outing.

A Big Idea For Next Outing

Before getting dressed to the nines, a few had to improvise. Kate is still single but she went thrift shopping to find a wedding dress while Hannah Joy and Alexis knew their dresses wouldn't fit due to recently giving birth. To make things more interesting, Terri couldn't find her dress and wore one of her daughter's prom dresses.

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Once the dresses were picked, they rented a 15-passenger van and walked down the aisle to their favorite restaurant True Food of Texas. Before they dined, they asked the valet to take a photo of their special moment while bystanders took photos of their own.

Not only did they create a new family memory, but the dresses also gave each a chance to ponder about the life they created together. They reminisced about each wedding and how family is such a precious gift.

"Seeing them in their dresses, I was flooded with so many memories and with how much life has happened since their wedding days,” Terri said. “It was surreal … they're just so beautiful. Who cares if you fit in your dress or not? We did life. We had babies! I think it had more emotion for me than I was expecting."

New Family Tradition Goes Viral

Alexis took to Instagram with their adventure of wearing their wedding dresses. She captioned the video, "We decided that the most expensive dresses we owned deserved to be worn & enjoyed for more than just one day in our lives, we've decided to make this a yearly tradition."

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Her video went viral with millions of views and over 600,000 likes.

WATCH: Mom & 6 Sisters Wear Their Wedding Dresses Again And Go Viral

Because the first dinner outing was so much fun, they plan to make it a monthly occasion. The next time they step out in their wedding dresses, they plan to add a new generation, Terri's mother. How precious! Weddings are a day of creating unity and this family knows how to build upon that bond while dressed in white.

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"Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready," Revelation 19:7.

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