50-Year-Old Mom Gave Birth to Grandchild After Praying about Daughter’s Surrogate for Pregnancy

50 year old mom surrogate for pregnancy

A 50-year-old mom, Chalise Smith, gave her daughter the greatest gift of all when acting as a surrogate for her pregnancy. Surrogacy is becoming increasingly common these days and this story is nothing short of a stunning, blessed miracle!

From the very beginning of her life, Kaitlyn Munoz felt the call to be a mom. Later when she found the man of her dreams and got married, they started planning for a family right away. But at the age of 25, Kaitlyn learned she couldn't carry her own child.

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Doctors diagnosed Kaitlyn with several medical issues including endometriosis and Sjögren’s syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks organs. While the news was devastating, that meant the eggs Kaitlyn and her husband harvested could also be attacked by her own body. They only had two eggs left from their last IVF cycle. Blessedly she had given birth before but her doctors advised her against doing so again.

Mom Acts As Surrogate For Pregnancy

Kaitlyn’s 50-year-old mom Chalise Smith went to the Lord in prayer. Even though she was 50 in age, she knew nothing was impossible with God. If God could give Sarah a child when she was well into her 90's, God would have no problem helping Chalise in this way too.

So Chalise did what any loving mom would do. She eased the burden of yearning to have another child by offering to be a surrogate for her daughter’s pregnancy.

“I saw Kaitlyn go through the IVF process, and I know what it entails. There’s all the shots and so many emotions that are involved with it, and I told her that I understood the risks, and that I had been praying about it for three weeks,” she told her daughter over the phone. Kaitlyn was shocked about her mother's perfecting time on the call when she said, “Then she told me, ‘I was just sitting here thinking about who could I have carry my embryos, and you called me up."

The pregnancy was a beautiful bonding time between the 50-year-old mom, daughter, and their new little miracle. The birth was too.

50-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth To Granddaughter

On May 17, the family welcomed Alayan Kait Chalise Munoz into the world.

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Chalise recalled, “She was seven pounds, 13 ounces, 21 inches long, and came out just healthy and gave her little screams." After reflecting on the amazing journey Kaitlyn had with her mom, she took to Instagram and posted this caption.

"What an amazing experience the last 24 hours have been. I am at a loss of words. My mom is a living angel and brought us another blessing on the earth side and we are in LOVE. When my mom offered to be our surrogate it just felt so right. My mom did so amazing throughout the pregnancy and we had an amazing delivery experience. Grateful for my mom and her selflessness in this journey."

What an incredible blessing and a reminder God knew what he was doing he created mothers. Moms will do anything to help bless their child in big and small ways. And this story is just one of those incredible reminders!

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"Her children rise up and call her blessed;her husband also, and he praises her," Proverbs 31:28

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