Jeanne Robertson Shares How Her Mom Hilariously Fails At Making Her Dresses

jeanne robertson

Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson brings the laughs when she shares about a time when she was younger and her mother tried to make her a dress. You can’t help but chuckle when you hear this story!

Growing up, Jeanne was much taller than her two sisters. This proved to be difficult for Jeanne's mother, who liked to make clothes for her children. It seemed that she could never find a pattern that all three girls could use.

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Then, one day, she read in a magazine an interesting tidbit about stripes. "She read that if you wear stripes going up and down, it made you look taller. If you wore stripes going around, it made you look shorter."

That is when Jeanne's mom came across a bargain that she couldn't pass up for some striped fabric. She pulled out all her materials and meticulously worked on the two dressed with vertical stripes.

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When she was finished, she turned the fabric so that the stripes were horizontal and made a dress for Jeanne. After the dressed were complete, the girls wore them to church and it was quite a memorable occasion.

Jeanne said that she felt like one of those spinning tops that never stop. But it was one woman's story that truly made this DIY dress the talk of the town.

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Jeanne said, "A woman in our church who didn't see well, the day after we worn them to church, went downtown and passed the barbershop. She looked up at that striped pole and said ‘Good morning, Jeanne.'"

Who else is laughing out loud right now?

WATCH: Jeanne Robertson – Dressing In Stripes

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