Mom Leaves Note Promising Her ‘Baby’ Will Be Ok In The Car While She Shops At Target

mother leaves note on car window

One mother’s note, which she left on her vehicle, likely had some shoppers at a Target momentarily in a state of distress, but upon closer look, it probably had them rolling with laughter.

A child is a precious gift from God. Children depend on someone else to provide them with food, safety and shelter. Children basically require around-the-clock care and attention, including when parents run into Walmart, Target or the grocery store to grab a few things.

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Like children, laughter and finding humor in different situations also make life richer, fuller and much more enjoyable. Who doesn't like to laugh?

One woman, in a video posted to Instagram, posted a note on her vehicle about her running into her local Target for a few seconds and how she was leaving her "baby" in the car while doing so.

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"My Baby is OK. He has his snacks & his drink!!! I'm in Target. Be Back Soon!!" the note taped to the vehicle's driver's side window reads.

The ‘Baby’ Mentioned In The Note Turned Out To Be Someone No Expected

However, thankfully and hilariously, this note is not from a negligent mother who had left an infant in the car to fend for itself. No, instead as the video continues, we see it's actually the woman's husband sitting in the vehicle. He silently holds a drink and munches on white cheddar popcorn while peering out the window.

For those who may have been worried about her husband after being left in the vehicle alone, she provided a hilarious update on his condition.

She wrote, "Please no judgement, he is safe & well." Thankfully her husband is doing OK.

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The video is a terrific and laugh-out-loud example of using our fears and expectations against us.

On her Instagram page, the woman, Bonnie Engle, has posted several other hilarious videos, some of which do include her husband.

"A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry."Proverbs 17:22

WATCH: Woman Leaves Hilarious Note On Car About ‘Baby’ Being Left In Vehicle

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