9/11 Search and Rescue Dog Honored with Adorable Pup Birthday Party

Some moments are so big, they will forever stick with you. You hope that these will be made up of mostly happy moments — weddings, births, and the like. But sometimes moments stand out because they are intensely tragic.

A Special Day For A Special Kind Of Hero

The events of September 11, 2001, were so horrifyingly tragic, that no matter how much time passes, our nation will always take pause to remember that day. We'll forever be thankful to the all who worked tirelessly that day, and the many days after, to save lives. Among the many brave men and women at ground zero, there were four-legged heroes as well. And now, the last known living 9/11 search and rescue dog is being honored with her very own special day.

Bretagne is more than just an adorable pooch. She's also one of the heroes from that fateful day. She and her human, Denise Corliss, are members of Texas Task Force 1. And believe it or not, their first deployment was on 9/11. They worked together, along with nearly 100 other search and rescue dogs, to look for survivors in the devastation left behind from the attacks.

In addition to being a national hero, Bretagne is about to turn 16. And those two reasons were all BarkPost, a site dedicated to the love of dogs, needed to put together an awesome surprise for Bretagne and Denise!

With help from BarkPost and several New York companies, the life-saving partners were brought back to the city to enjoy a "Dog's Best Day." Upon arriving, they were transported via limousine to a swanky dog-friendly suite at 1 Hotel Central Park. After getting settled, they were treated to room service.

Next Bretagne and crew were taken to Times Square (by vintage taxi, no less!) for a special message to the birthday girl.

Next, Bretagne got to have some fun at the dog park, where she got to romp and play like she was a puppy again. The park then honored Bretagne with the "bone to the dog park" — the 4-legged equivalent to being given the key to the city.

After all the excitement, it was time to head back to the hotel. But there was one final surprise waiting for the pup…her very own surprise birthday party!

In addition to presents like chew toys and a new collar, Bretagne was also honored with her very own cobblestone on the plaza of the 9/11 Memorial. And as if that wasn't touching enough to bring on the tears, a $1,000 donation was also made by 1 Hotel Central Park to the Texas Task Force 1 to help fund the noble work they do.

It's wonderful to see Bretagne and Denise honored. And it helps us to remember that, on a day when there was such evil and sadness, so many came together to combat it with love and compassion. Men, women and even special animals like Bretagne, threw themselves into the trenches to save as many lives as possible. God bless the many unsung heroes from that day!

If you enjoyed the pictures, you'll just love the video of Bretagne's special day, which you can watch below:

WATCH: 9/11 Search and Rescue Dog Honored on Her Birthday

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Credit: BarkPost

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