Banjo Player Mesmerizes Fox with His Music and the 2 Go Viral As the Wild Animal Demands More

banjo player and fox

One banjo player and fox have made an unlikely friendship, and the videos of them together are stealing hearts on the internet.

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Andy Thorn is a musician who lives in Boulder, Colorado. One day during the pandemic, he was playing his banjo on his porch when a wild fox came up to him and stayed to listen to his music. And that fox kept coming back for more!

"It's been really amazing," says Andy. "We're really lucky to live on a couple of acres up in the Boulder foothills. So there's a lot of space for animals to roam around. And I'm usually on tour a lot with my band, Leftover Salmon. But when the pandemic hit, we were home all the time, and I just sit on the deck playing banjo every day. And one day, the fox wandered over, and we thought, ‘Wow! I think he's really loving the music.'"

Banjo Player and Fox | Wild Animal Stops to Listen to Andy Thorn Play

Andy continues: "And then another day I was on a rock in the yard, and he literally came and sat right next to me and just stared at me while I play banjo. It was the coolest thing. And when my wife finally captured it on the phone and we posted it, people loved it! And now we've put a few videos up. We actually named the little guy ‘Foxy,' too."

Andy started playing the banjo when he was just 12 years old, so he has had a lot of chances to share his music with others. But his performances for Foxy are definitely special and unique, and probably unlike any other he has experienced in his many years as a musician!

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What a sweet bond between this banjo player and fox! Music just has a cool way of bringing people (and animals) together.

WATCH: Banjo Player Serenades Wild Fox

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