Beautiful Moment Bride’s Dad Stops Wedding to Invite Stepfather to Join in Walking Down the Aisle

bride's dad stops wedding to invite stepfather

In one heartwarming video, a bride's dad stops the wedding to invite her stepfather to help him walk her down the aisle. How touching is that!

The bride's name is Kelsey Griffith, and she is lucky enough to have two loving dads: her father and her stepfather. During her wedding ceremony, her dad started to walk her down the aisle and then did something that touched everyone's heart there.

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"My dad surprised my stepdad by including him in our walk down the aisle," writes Kelsey in the caption of the video that she shared on TikTok. Many people who witnessed the moment online shared their feelings about the sweet scene.

"This is what happens when a parent loves his child with complete unselfishness," one person commented.

"If this doesn't serve as a lesson to all divorced and or additional parents, I don't know what does. Congrats to all of you. More parents could learn!" wrote another person.

Bride’s Dad Stops Wedding to Invite Stepfather to Walk Down the Aisle

In the video, the father extends his arm toward the stepfather and pulls him into the aisle. The two of them take the arms of the bride and continue to walk her to the altar together. It really is such a heartwarming moment!

The video starts off playing "Here Comes The Bride" at the beginning of the aisle, but then when they reach the halfway point, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA starts to play.

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You can really feel the love when witnessing this moment. Congrats to the bride and groom and the loving family that surrounded them on their special day!

WATCH: Dad And Stepdad Come Together To Walk Bride Down The Aisle


My dad surprised my step dad by including him in our walk down the aisle🤍 #theperfectday #fyp #wedding #dancingqueen

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