Bride-to-Be Can’t Marry Fiancé After Uncovering Secret, So She Donates $15k Reception Instead

called off the wedding

A bride in California called off the wedding but ended up donating the reception. And she made quite a few people’s night.

The bride had to cancel her wedding because of something she learned about her fiancé. The reception and rentals were not refundable so she did something truly amazing with it. She donated her $15,000 reception and rentals to an organization near and dear to her own family.

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Parents-Helping-Parents Helps Families With Special Needs Kids

Parents-Helping-Parents (PHP) is an organization out of San Jose, California that helps families with children with special needs. Maria Daane, the executive director of PHP received a call two weeks before the date, letting her know about the donation.

Maria was shocked and said, “I’ve never heard of anyone ever calling a nonprofit and saying we want to donate a 15 thousand dollar party in two weeks.” But they got to work to make it happen and ended up filling all 100 seats in time.

Why did the bride decide to donate to PHP after she called off the wedding? They had provided services to her own family as she has a sibling with special needs. What a great way to give back to an organization that has helped you out in the past!

The Party Was Fun For All

The party, called the “Ball for All” included music, dancing, a DJ, food, and a photo booth. So much fun was had by all as one parent, Theresa Oller commented, whose daughter was in attendance, “She had a blast and danced to almost every song. It's wonderful to see her so happy, to see everyone having a good time. We are so grateful to the family who donated such a wonderful evening.”

The party was at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Gilroy, CA.

Giving Back

Giving back in this way was such a selfless thing for this bride to do. It was wonderful to see that the party worked out and they were able to use the reception that was no longer needed by the bride.

God calls us to give of ourselves and we were able to see that in action with this story.

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“But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” – Hebrews 13:16

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