11-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Jude Keyz Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime with News of a Dream Duet

jude keyz piano prodigy

Jude Keyz, an incredible piano prodigy at just 11 years old, got the surprise of a lifetime on The Kelly Clarkson Show. There, he found out his dream is coming true. He’ll be getting the opportunity to do a duet with his favorite performer, CeCe Winans. And the boy’s joy is contagious!

Jude Keyz is a young piano prodigy who was recently on The Kelly Clarkson Show. And Kelly shared about the talented boy and what he has been up to lately with her music director.

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"It's been quite a journey for Jude since we first met him at the start of this year," Kelly Clarkson shared. "My music director, Jason Halbert, has totally taken him under his wing cause we fell in love with him. And they've been working hard on creating an original song that matches Jude's vision."

Jude shared with Kelly that he wants to do music professionally, and he hopes to write songs for people one day. And after seeing his kind and charismatic personality on the show, it is no wonder that Kelly and her staff fell in love with the special young boy.

Jude Keyz Gets News About His Dream Duet

Kelly's music director, Jason Halbert, headed out to Jude's home in Colorado to really see him in his element.

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"I wanna write about hope and faith," Jude shares with Jason during their first lesson. And when he was asked about his favorite artist, Jude had no hesitation in saying that he loved CeCe Winans.

Later, Jude was back on The Kelly Clarkson Show with his dad, Isaiah, and proud mentor, Jason. And he was given a huge surprise!

Jason let Jude know that CeCe Winans has invited Jude to come out to her concert and play piano with her on stage! "Woah! So exciting! I would love to play with her!" Jude exclaimed with a huge smile on his face.

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What a wonderful experience that will be for this talented young piano prodigy!

WATCH: Jude Keyz Gets Epic Surprise On The Kelly Clarkson Show

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