Beloved Cleaning Lady Loses Her Job After 20 Years So Her Customers Decide To Help

cleaning lady lost job

After 20 years of working in the same apartment building in New York, a cleaning lady lost her job. And when the residents found out, they did something incredible for her!

Whatever we do, we are to work heartily as if it is for the Lord (Colossians 3:23). And it seems as though this is how a woman named Rosa spent her time while working for a luxury apartment building in New York.

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For 20 years, Rosa helped keep the high-rise building nice and clean. And during her time working there, she made quite an impression on the people living there. They all love her!

But then the cleaning woman lost her job because of COVID-19. And as word spread to the residents of the building, they all knew they had to do something to help.

Surprise For Cleaning Lady Who Lost Her Job

Rosa received a call from the apartment building asking her to come and clean a newly remodeled unit before a showing. And of course, the sweet woman turned up with her cleaning supplies in hand, ready to help.

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As the real estate agent showed Rosa around the large apartment, she marveled at all the unit has to offer. But after getting the tour, the agent begins setting up for the real reason the cleaning lady who lost her job is there.

“A lot of people here in this building are a big fan of you and they love you very much,” he said.

Then the conversation turns to the hard times Rosa has faced.

“I know it’s been a tough year for you and your family and there’s probably been a lot of financial hardships,” the real estate agent says.

At the mention of her struggles, you can see how emotional Rosa gets. But then, things take a turn she never saw coming!

After the cleaning lady lost her job, the residents of the building banded together and chipped in money. They raised enough to secure a 2-year lease so that Rosa could live in the very apartment where she stood.

“Some of your fans here in the building got together and they’re taking care of it,” the agent explained. “All you have to do is sign and take the keys and this unit is yours for the next two years.”

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The news came as a complete shock that left the beloved cleaning lady in tears. What a beautiful act of kindness!

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