Doorbell Camera Catches First-Grader’s Adorable Girl Scout Cookie Sales Pitch And She Goes Viral

girl scout cookie sales pitch allie shroyer

A neighbor’s doorbell camera caught adorable first-grader, Allie Shroyer, giving her irresistible Girl Scout cookie sales pitch. And it’s no wonder this little cutie went viral!

Nowadays, you can buy just about anything online. And that includes Girl Scout cookies.

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But when first-grader Allie Shroyer showed up on the neighbor’s doorstep, her adorable Girl Scout cookie sales pitch took us back to the “old days” of door-to-door cookie sales!

Allie’s mom, Kristen Shroyer, used a neighbor’s doorbell camera to record her sweet daughter. She planned on using the recording as a way to conduct virtual door-to-door sales with friends and family.

But the precious child’s adorably persuasive spiel ended up having a much larger impact than anyone ever expected!

First-Grader’s Girl Scout Cookie Sales Pitch Goes Viral

Kristen didn’t advise her daughter on what to say. This was Allie’s show all the way. And as the first-grader marches up to the doorbell with a confident smile on her face, it’s clear she didn’t need any coaching at all. She’s a natural!

“Hello! I’m Alllie. Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” she asks with her sweet voice.

Allie goes on to make a little small talk, sharing her favorite kind of cookie and asking her customer for their favorite. You know, connecting on a personal level — enterprising 101. Then, she transitions seamlessly into business, stating the price per box. And next, it’s time for her charming Girl Scout cookie sales pitch!

“Would you like one?” she asks, irresistibly. “Or two or three or four or five?”

“Or six or seven or eight or nine or ten?” Allie goes on. She pauses, then coyly throws in, “I don’t know, maybe eleven or twelve?”

Oh, and in case you forgot, Allie reminds you just why buying these boxes of cookies is so important.

“I’m a Girl Scouter,” she adorably proclaims. “Getting Girl Scout cookies, selling them…”

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Allie goes on a bit more about the types of cookies (and the many colors of the boxes) before wrapping it up with a thank you. And just when you think the Girl Scout cookie sales pitch is over, the adorable first-grader runs back with a quick reminder to buy cookies!

WATCH: Allie Shroyer’s Adorable Girl Scout Cookie Sales Pitch

After Kristen Shroyer shared her daughter’s Girl Scout cookie sales pitch online, it quickly went viral. Folks from all over couldn’t get enough of this sweet child’s persuasive proposal.

Allie ended up selling way more cookies than she ever expected. To date she’s sold more than 1,500 boxes!

But more importantly, she brightened this dark world with some joy and laughter.

“Her one goal is to make the world smile,” Allie’s mom explained. “And I think she did.”

Well done Allie!

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WATCH: Girl Scout Goes Viral With Her Adorable Cookie Sales Pitch

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