Family Expected The Worst But Grandma Survived Hitler & Is A Coronavirus Survivor

coronavirus survivor grandma barbara briley

After living through Hitler and multiple operations, including open-heart surgery, 86-year-old Barbara Briley is now a coronavirus survivor, too. And her family is sharing the inspirational short story of her “fighting spirit” to bring hope to others.

It’s always nerve-wracking to have an elderly loved one sent to the hospital. But the coronavirus pandemic made the situation even scarier for Barbara Briley’s family.

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The 86-year-old grandma from the UK suffered a hip fracture in February. And during a physiotherapy session in March, she suffered another fall, fracturing her spine.

While at the hospital, Barbara tested positive for COVID-19 when her chest filled with fluid a few days later. Elderly persons with underlying health problems have been reported as at higher risk with the coronavirus. So, understandably, Barbara’s doctors and family were very concerned.

But it turns out this 86-year-old real-life overcomer had another thing to add to her list of achievements — coronavirus survivor!

86-Year-Old Grandma Becomes Inspiring Coronavirus Survivor

Barbara Briley has seen a lot of things in her 86 years on this earth. Born not long before World War II, she used to tell her 3 children stories of bombers flying above her hometown.

And, despite all odds, her “fighting spirit” won out again.

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Karen Gabriel, Barbara’s daughter, says the family kept “expecting a call” from the doctors to give them the worst possible news. But that call never came.

Despite all the odds, they got the call proclaiming the 86-year-old grandma a coronavirus survivor instead! And Barbara’s son, Richard Briley, took to social media to share the good news as a beacon of hope.

“This is me with my mum,” Richard wrote. “She has survived Hitler, open-heart surgery, 2 replacement knees, and 2 replacement hips. . . Last week she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and spent a week in intensive care. . . Today she has been given the all-clear. This is the sort of thing the media should be concentrating on. There is hope.”

Amazingly, the 86-year-old grandma has bounced back. And after spending time in quarantine, she can’t wait to get back home to her loving family.

Her children are sharing their mother’s story as a coronavirus survivor to help spread hope in the face of this pandemic.

“Not everyone has to die,” remarked Karen Gabriel.

Karen says her mother is living proof of that fact. And she’s hoping that can bring encouragement to others.

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Praise God for giving this sweet lady such a fighting spirit and for enabling the doctors and nurses to see her through her amazing recovery!

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