Elderly Couple Started Slow Dancing At The Grocery Store And Cameras Caught It All

couple slow dancing in grocery store

Grocery store cameras caught this elderly couple slow dancing in the aisles. And the beautiful moment reminds us just how important it is to savor every second of love, no matter where you are!

As an anonymous shopper's camera captures an elderly couple slow dancing in the grocery store, time seems to stand still. Grocery carts are forgotten while a romantic song lifts the mood on this video's wintry day.

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It doesn't take a special occasion, fancy outfits, or even a likely venue for this ordinarily-dressed duo to find each other carried away by love.

Couple Slow Dances In The Grocery Store

Tucked in a corner of the store by the "fresh bakery" and a rack of wines, the couple gaze over their COVID-19-requisite facial masks into each other's eyes…holding each other dearly.

She rests her hand on his arm, and he takes her hand. Lost in the music, they twirl slowly together on an industrial-grade grocery aisle mat. The pair is oblivious to the bystander filming their touching moment.

The song playing on the store overhead is “It’s Not for Me to Say," written in 1957 by Robert Allen and Al Stillman for the film, Lizzie. The now-legendary Johnny Mathis sang it in the movie when he was only in his 20s.

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Its soothing sound propelled his Columbia Records recording of "It's Not for Me to Say" to #5 on the Billboard Top 100 singles chart. It's also on his best-selling album, Johnny’s Greatest Hits.

By the looks of this couple slow dancing, Johnny's transcendent crooning also recorded itself on the hearts of those who recall its lovely melody and lyrics:

“It’s not for me to say, you love me

It’s not for me to say, you’ll always care

Oh, but here for the moment, I can hold you fast

And press your lips to mine, and dream that love will last”

WATCH: Elderly Couple Slow Dancing At Grocery Store

On a YouTube video upload of "It's Not for Me to Say," fan Dana Brinkmeier comments, "What a Great Vocal Gift that so very, very few have! Great memories from a consummate Artist! I am 70 and remember this great song being played on AM radio upon its first release when at age 10."

Commentor, ghasgfhag9 adds, "One of the most beautiful songs ever written sung by one of the (most) beautiful voices God ever created – Heaven..."

And Carol Crutchley comments, "That special someone, wine, an open fire and Johnny Mathis playing. The perfect romantic evening."

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Even for a mature couple slow dancing in the middle of a grocery store, bundled up in protective masks and winter gear, a Mathis tune is still making magic.

Love is timeless like that, at any age. It finds a way into the doldrums of life, bringing reason to hold on to your beloved and dance.

“Do everything in love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14

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