Rescuers Found A Baby Cow All Alone And Then Reunited Him With His Mother

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A team rescued a cow and did not know why she was crying and wouldn’t stop. And as soon as they found out why she was so distraught, they did just the right thing to help her.

A team rescued a cow and brought her back to their facilities. Most animals are happy to be there, but for some reason, this cow appeared to be in so much distress, that she would not stop crying.

No one knew what was wrong with her. She started crying since the very minute she was rescued. She was very unhappy, and nothing seemed to comfort her. When they thought that there was nothing they could do to help her, he noticed something a little strange.

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She was dripping milk. That meant that they left someone behind when they went to rescue her. That's why she was so upset. She had a little baby and was crying for him. The rescuers knew that they had to go back to where they got her to find her little one.

So they went back to get their baby and reunited him with his mother. She was so happy to see him again that her cries turned into happy tears. And her baby was excited to see her too.

He was so overwhelmed with emotion that he fell over on the ground. He was so happy to see his mommy after being away from her for too long. And he was finally able to enjoy a long awaited meal. God bless these amazing rescuers for helping this sweet momma!

WATCH: Crying Cow Rescued Then Reunited With Her Baby

Credit: Youtube/TheDodo

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